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At CMD, we understand that a product is only as good as the tools used to create it. That is why we use the leading industry standard in graphics design, the Adobe Creative Suite 4. With these powerful and superbly functional tools, we can create products for you that prove your dedication to doing your best for the Lord's work.

We also use many other tools to accomplish our goal of professionalism in all that we do. Every tool we use is thoroughly researched to ensure maximum compatibility, especially when it comes to web site design and development. Below is just a brief description of the various software we use and how we use them to meet our design goals.
As our primary graphic design and editing program, Adobe Photoshop has become the proficiency standard* for our business. We have years of experience using this product and are always advancing our knowledge of it through training manuals and tutorials.

*Photoshop is not just ours but the industry standard for graphics design...bar none!
As a secondary product to Photoshop, we use Adobe Illustrator for all of our vector* art designs. This program is an especially useful tool for us in the area of illustrations and logos.

*Vector art is able to be resized from a small design file to dimension as large as needed (billboards, etc.) without any loss in quality.
Adobe Dreamweaver is our primary web page layout and editing program. By using this program, we are able to setup seamless transitions from our hands to yours, because Dreamweaver uses universal web page languages for its formatting. By being a part of the same Adobe Suite, it also allows us to design graphically intense web sites in Photoshop and later exported them into Dreamweaver for layout, setup, and upload.
Adobe Flash is one of our "must have" programs. All of the animations and high-resolution web buttons are designed with Flash. We began using this program several of years ago, and, quite frankly, I don't know how we ever did without it. This program enables us not only to add stunning animations to the sites we design, but it also gives us the ability to create introductory video pages* before visitors enter your site.

*For an example, visit one of our clients at http://www.highmtnwhitetails.com.
Adobe InDesign is a publication layout program that we use in designing brochures, business cards, missionary prayer cards, etc. It's workflow allows for seamless integration with Photoshop designs and its native format is accepted by most print shops. It also allows for a multitude of exported file formats to meet compatibility issues with printers who do not accept the InDesign native format.
Adobe Premier is our video editing metropolis. With tools ranging from audio clarification and amplification to enhancement filters and special effects, Premier is a one stop shop for all of our video editing work. It accepts a multitude of formats within the video structure. So, if you've had work already done elsewhere, chances are we can use it in the new editing session.
Adobe After Effects is an excellent program that we have added to our editing arsenal over the last couple of years. We use it primarily for the animation of logos* and adding special effects to video projects.

*Animation is available for all of our logo designs for use in videos or web banners.